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The Guardian® S robot is a lightweight, multi-functional, IoT platform that provides real-time 360° video surveillance, two-way voice, and sensor mission data to the operator, who always remains out of harm’s way.

The robot can traverse uneven and challenging terrain, access small and confined spaces, and scale vertical ferromagnetic surfaces. The Guardian® S robot can truly inspect the uninspected and go to places and environments where humans cannot or should not go. It is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, public safety, and defense applications – delivering unrivalled run times, wireless operational range, and sensor integration.

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Berkshire Engineering - Sarcos Guardian s

The Guardian® S robot enables a variety of industries including:

  • Nuclear – Asset Management, Inspection and Maintenance, Condition Monitoring
  • Energy – Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Pipeline Production, Utilities
  • Construction – Site Surveying, Structural Integrity Studies
  • Armed Forces and Emergency Services – First Look Inspection, Emergency and Disaster Response, Search and Rescue
  • Maritime Industry – Maintenance, Inspection, Access Confined and Dark Spaces, Tank Inspections

The Guardian® S robot has many applications including:

  • Public Safety – Situational Awareness, Tactical Operations, SWAT, HAZMAT, Disaster Recovery, Intelligence
  • Inspections and Surveying – Industrial and Infrastructure Inspection, Asset Management, Limited Access and Challenging Environments
  • HAZMAT – Industry Specific Sensor Integration, Remote Operation with Operator at a Distance

Berkshire Engineering - Sarcos Guardian s

Berkshire Engineering - Sarcos Guardian s

Key Features of the Guardian® S robot:

  • Man-portable
  • Entry to confined spaces as narrow as 18cm
  • Real-time Communication
  • User-friendly Controls
  • Customisable Sensor Packages
  • All-Terrain Design
  • 360° Video Coverage
  • Magnetic and IP65 Dustproof & Water Protected
  • Cloud Analytics & Storage
  • Mobile IoT Platform

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