Ready Jet: Concrete Removal System

What is your definition of clean?

The Ready Jet® remote controlled, high pressure cleaning system for safely removing residual hardened concrete from inside truck mixer drums, without the need for human entry.

The Readyjet is a safer and more efficient, alternative to traditional concrete drum cleaning methods and provides a viable alternative for both service providers and ready-mix plant fleet operators, who are looking for a proven solution for removing residual concrete from inside concrete mixer drums without the need for personnel to enter inside the drum.

  • Proven water blasting technology ( 1400bar )
  • The safest cleaning method in the industry
  • Minimises risk of injury or accidental death
  • Eliminates damage to the drum interior and exterior
  • Lowers fleet maintenance costs
  • Increases productivity, mix quality, and efficiency
  • Semi-robotic control for safe and consistent operation?
  • Improved operator working conditions

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The Ready Jet is a sustainable solution

More capacity means better fuel efficiency

The less residual hardened concrete build-up on board, the more capacity there is for *green* concrete and therefore, the truck will be lighter and more fuel efficient. Save £1,000 or more per year per truck on fuel costs. From an environmental standpoint, the Ready Jet saves up to 22.2lbs / 10kg of C02 per gallon of diesel fuel burned and the water is recyclable. The more residual concrete build-up there is, the higher the health and safety risks when manually chipping the drum.

The Ready Jet is a safer solution

Safety is priceless. We realized keeping the mixed drums clean on the inside without entering the drum has always been a challenge.

The health and safety of your staff or chipping service is greatly improved. There is no longer the risk of working in a confined space and being exposed to noise, deadly falling debris and silica respiratory dangers. These can be greatly reduced using the Ready Jet Robotic Concrete Removal System.

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