Economical and Ecological road repairs

The Turbo patching system is a recognised, fast and reliable hot asphalt patching process, which will provide a hard wearing, economical and immediately trafficable repair for all types of road surfaces.

The Turbo patching system is simple and easy to use and only requires a maximum of two operators to complete the process, which will significantly reduce the need to employ large gangs and will further improve the economics of many road maintenance issues.


Simple solution with a wide range of applications

Each repair is completed using a quick and simple 4 stage process to provide a durable hard wearing road patching solution for:

  • Pot holes
  • Utility cuts
  • Wheel rutting
  • Haunchings
  • Edge breaks
  • Crack sealing
  • Depressions
  • Pre surface dressing

Stage 1

Turbo Patching

Low pressure high volume air is used to remove the dust and loose aggregate from the defective area.

Stage 2

Turbo Patching

Bitumen is spayed into the defective area which penetrates any cracks and seals the area, whilst creating a bond coat for the final stage of the repair.

Stage 3

Turbo Patching

Bitumen and aggregate are then mixed together and immediately compacted into the defective area, using the kinetic energy provided by the turbo patching system..

Stage 4

Turbo Patching

A layer of dry aggregate is applied to the patch, avoiding any tyre adherence to the curing emulsion. ensuring the road can be trafficked immediately on completion of the repair

Self sufficient, cost effective solution for road patching issues

The Turbo patcher comes complete with all the necessary equipment to provide a completely self sufficient solution for all your road patching issues and can be supplied in a variety of formats, to suit your needs.

  • can be supplied mounted to a chassis of your choice, or with a flat base, complete with a generator, providing a demountable solution for flat bedded vehicles.
  • optional factory fitted front mounted Turbo patching system, to allow for single person operation
  • cost affective
  • hard wearing asphalt repair system, for a variety of your road maintenance issues



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