Concrete Mixer Moisture Sensor

Concrete Mixer Moisture Probes

Variable moisture level of sand and aggregates is the major cause of inconsistency between concrete batches. As gravity drains the water downwards the moisture in stockpile will not be constant. The deeper the loader shovel digs in the water in the material gets higher, and stays longer in the feeding bins, leaving high levels of moisture at the bottom. Even in covered storage areas it is impossible to keep the moisture of all material constant.

Concrete Mixer Moisture Probes provide immediate feedback to the operator and allow for precise control over the water/cement ratio. Mixer moisture sensors can be installed in the floor of any type of concrete mixers: Twin Shaft, Single Shaft, Pan and Planetary. Mixer Moisture Probes are the best solution for precast manufacturers where target moisture for every batch is within +/- 0.1% accuracy.

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Concrete Mixer Moisture probe

ARCOMIX V2 – Microwave Moisture Sensor

ARCOMIX V2 – Microwave Moisture Sensor

Arcomix V2 moisture sensors use microwaves to determine the moisture level in the mix. This is the most convenient and precise method for moisture measurement on the market. Measurement depth varies between 65 and 100mm, depending on the type of the mix and material. It ensures that a good portion of the mix is checked for an exact result.

  • Wear resistant and easy to replace ceramic faceplate
  • Can be installed on all type of concrete mixers
  • Stainless steel body
  • Measurements are not affected by temperature changes
  • Wide range of integration options
  • Can also be installed on conveyor belts and discharge chutes

MOISTCOM – All-in-One Configuration Software

Moisture sensors require an interface and software to measure, adjust and record moisture readings. MOISTCOM software package gives you all the control and securely stores all the readings. MOSITCOME offers:

  • Calibration, set up and diagnostics up to 16 sensors
  • Easy multipoint calibration for high accuracy
  • Allows saving of parameters and measurements for analysis
  • Reserve copy creating and parameter restoring

MOISTCOM – All-in-One Configuration Software

Versatility and Easy Retrofitting

Versatility and Easy Retrofitting

Arcomix V2 mixer moisture probe can be retrofitted to a wide number of concrete plants and concrete mixers. We offer all the necessary communication interface and software installation with several options which include:

  • Arcomix moisture sensor can communicate with any batch computer software with the help of a decoder/converter or Arcomix visualisation and control device.
  • A simple indicator display can be implemented for visual control of the moisture
  • Complete control through ARCO batch computer software

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 18-36VDC
Power: 3W at Maximum moisture.
Humidity range: 2-15% or up to saturation of material
Penetration: Approx. 65-100mm. Depending on materials.
Digital communication: Port RS-485 & optocoupler ports CAN.
Analogue output: 2 x Analogue outputs 0-4/20mA
Control input: 1 optocoupler digital input for processes control
Working temperature: 0 to 50 °C

Arcomix Technical Data

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