Guardian GT – Dexterous Remote Handling

Getting Your Arms Around the Toughest Tasks

The Guardian® GT robot is an award-winning, force reflection, teleoperated robotic system offering the ability to get dangerous tasks done safely. From basic tasks such as manual handling to sophisticated processes like welding or joining using consumable off-the-shelf tools – the Guardian® GT robot provides an unrivaled fusion of human dexterity with robotic strength.

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Guardian® GT Robot Use Cases:

  • Nuclear Industry – Nuclear Operations and Maintenance, Post Operational Clean Out, Plant Dismantling, Waste Handling and Storage, Assisting Waste Encapsulation Processes
  • Construction and Manufacturing – Heavy lifting, Moving & Placing, Welding, Grinding, Cutting, Surface Coating
  • First Responder, Disaster Recovery, Humanitarian & Logistics Applications – Palletising, De-palletising, Loading, Unloading, Med-Evac, Moving Heaving Rocks and Debris

Berkshire Engineering - Sarcos Guardian GT

Guardian GT

Berkshire Engineering - Sarcos Guardian GT

Key Features of the Guardian® GT Robot:

  • Maximum strength with minimal effort
  • Remote operation keeping the operator safe at all times
  • Lifts payloads of up to 450Kg
  • Single or Dual Armed options
  • Wheeled or tracked base options
  • Each arm boasts 7 degrees of freedom
  • Compatible with COTS
  • Can reach over 1.2m in front of platform

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