A Unique Concrete Plant on Jersey Island


BES and MEKA are industry leading experts with vast experience of building bespoke concrete plants.

Granite Products asked to design a plant that could be fed from an adjacent quarry, with a lower elevation, to produce concrete capable of meeting local market requirements. MEKA and BES provided an unmatched solution to meet all their requirements.

Our plant design included two separate mixer towers with different planetary mixers (2 m³ and 0.5 m³) using a single aggregate bin capable of feeding both towers, simultaneously.

The 2.0 m³ planetary mixer is capable of manufacturing Wet, Dry and Semi-Wet concretes. Semi-Wet concrete production is unique; sand, water and additives are mixed in the mixer while the aggregates bypass it and are directly discharged into the truck mixer. Semi-Wet production allows for the manufacture of high quality Ready-Mixed concrete with minimum abrasion on the mixer.

The 0.5 m³ planetary mixer is designed for smaller and more specific needs. Both towers can work independently which allows for servicing without shutting down the whole plant.

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Static Concrete Batch Plant - Jersey Island